Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Veggie Delight in Kensington Market, Toronto

So, we were SUPER bummed when our favourite vegan burrito joint closed it's doors this past March. To say the least. But, now not so much. Wanna know why?

Two words: Veggie Delight.

The name of the place that's taken over both the old Hot Beans location and our hearts.

We stopped by on Friday to check it out but a sign on the door said they were sold out. Did we let that stop us from opening the door to ask if we could take a peek at the menu? NO! And am I ever glad we didn't! The owner/chef took the opportunity to give us a sampling of the four different proteins (Jerk Seitan, Chickpea Curry, Split Pea Roast, and the fourth involves red beans) they offer and let me tell you my taste buds were smiling from ear to ear. 

The menu is broken down into three categories: proteins, carbs, and veggies. You can mix and match between the three groups. Everything is non-GMO and made from scratch - even the coconut milk!!! I saw the coconuts in the fridge. Also, each meal is a complete meal and completely flavourful! He's all about making sure things are seasoned and flavourful and he definitely delivers.

Here are my wonderful pictures of us dining al caro (that's fancy for eating in your car). Luckily, he still had some split pea roti left, so we were actually able to buy something after all. Above is the Split Pea Roast in a roti with cabbage and carrots. Ummmm I don't even know how to describe the fabulous deliciousness that is the Split Pea Roast. There's a sauce that goes with it that I think really puts it over the top but I can't remember what it is made of :P

Here is the Jerk Seitan in a roti with cabbage, carrots, and Flax Rice. Another amazing option that is also so wonderfully delicious I can't even describe it!

The owner/chef (I never got his name) is so passionate about serving satisfying, flavourful, and nutritious vegan food; it was so inspiring to hear his food philosophy and we REALLY appreciated the little exclusive sample session. 

We'll definitely be back for more!

So, there you have it. Not a super informative post but hopefully one that intrigues you enough to check out Veggie Delight. It is SO good.

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