Thursday, August 1, 2013

Homemade Seitan + Smoky Maple Seitan Sandwiches with Coleslaw!

This looks kinda gross but it sure is delicious!!

This was our first time making homemade seitan, EVAR!

It served us well for about four or five meals. If you or your family is less beastly it may even be good for a week.

Oh my! The maple syrup caramelizes beautifully giving each slice a bit of a crust and of course a hint of sweetness.

I'm pretty sure I was totally blissing out every time I ate one of these cuties. The seitan is flavourful and you just feel good eating it!

The coleslaw adds another layer of sweetness and crunch to the sammie. 

Smoky Maple Seitan Sandwich with Coleslaw


Sliced homemade seitan (we use this recipe from the amazing Kathy)Splash of liquid smokeGenerous splash of pure organic maple syrup Finely ground black pepper
Homemade coleslaw (such as our Vegan Tropical Summer Coleslaw)

Sautee seitan in some olive oil. Add the maple and liquid smoke as the seitan is frying. Add fine pepper to taste. Sautee on each side until seitan is heated and brown and crispy (or leave it less crispy if you so wish). Make your sandwich with the coleslaw or any other toppings you would like! 


  1. I started following your blog recently and I absolutely love everything you've posted.

    Keep up the great work and thank you for sharing!

    1. That's so incredible generous of you to say! Thank you so very much for following along and we are so pleased to hear that you are enjoying our blog! It means so much to hear that :) Pressure is on to keep it up haha - kidding!


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