Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bunner's Treats

Just the other night, our wonderful mom bought these Kitchen Grrrls some treats from the vegan and gluten-free bakeshop Bunner's located in the Junction in Toronto.

We had been longing to try Bunner's for a while now and it was just so thoughtful of our momma - she's the best.

The bestowing of these treats also coincided with the Season 4 premiere of Community. Sooooo happy it's back!! It's been too long and it felt really good to watch it!! As I've said before, if you haven't seen it, I suggest you do :D 
Seasons 1 and 2 make me so happy.

Look at how cute that cupcake looks! 

I must be honest though...I found the frosting to be a little too sweet for me and the cupcake itself to be a little dry and flavourless. Yikes! But it is the truth, it's all about integrity folks - who are you without it? HA.

The tart had a subtle coconut flavour but lacked any sweetness. The crust had a nice texture but no sweetness once again. Normally I would be fine without sweetness in a dessert crust, as long as the filling makes up for it :)

Unfortunately, Bunner's did not satisfy as much as we would have hoped and at the price point it's a little too rich for our blood.

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