Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Vegan Quesadillas

I've never been much of a quesadilla person, always too much cheese for me and since we've gone dairy-free for the last 6 months the likelihood of having them any time soon seemed slim to none.

However, last week something strange happened - I was craving quesadillas.

We realized that with the awesomeness that is Daiya cheese, it was possible that we could make ourselves some quesadillas with just the right amount of dairy-free cheese.

Golden exterior and melty insides

We so thoroughly enjoyed our meal of quesadillas that we had them again this Saturday!

Close-up on all that veg. Delish!

This is truly a snap to prepare and you can use whatever you having lying around in your fridge to make it happen.

There's no recipe really and aren't those always the best kind of recipes ;)


We used smal bell peppers (whatever colour you prefer), onion, broccoli, corn, and black beans. And the cheese of course!

Just heat a pan with olive oil, toss in your thinly sliced onion and cook until softened. Next throw in your sliced peppers (we used 2) and chopped broccoli and let those things caramelize a bit. Then add the corn and black beans until they're warmed through.

Put a little oil or margarine in a frying pan, toss in your tortilla, add cheese, then veg and little extra cheese if you want. You may also want to add a few spinach leaves in there, too. Fold the tortila over and make sure to brown the other slide.

Cut and serve with salsa.

And most importantly, 


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