Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday

Why is the weather always so beautiful before a storm? It's something I've always wondered and never understood. I'm not complaining - just wondering.

The weather this morning was just gorgeous! Not too hot and definitely not cold; an extraordinarily soft, warm breeze. I was walking by our patio door and this breeze was coming through so I just stood there and soaked it in until it was that nice!

And now, now it's raining.

I hope you're having nice weather today!

Here are a few things to peruse:

So, this is who I had breakfast with this morning. We both were enjoying the weather and consequently both having something to eat... I won't show that picture, it doesn't seem appropriate on a HUMAN food offense praying mantis.

From Community...sorry I just love the show, what can I say? other than I really wish this shirt wasn't sold out 'cause I think it's pretty funny.

This is the fall arrangement my mom and I put together...we're pretty proud of it :)
We both agree that autumn is our favourite time for decorations!

What our freezer is stocked with as of late: THE BEST Ben and Jerry's flavour, in my humble opinion. Make sure to get frozen yogurt it just gets so much more gooey with the marshmallow and caramel swirl. Ohhhhh swoon!


1 comment:

  1. Awesome, amazing post yet again. You're an inspiration and amazing photographer. I wish I could've been that 'hopper to have shared breakfast with you :( I will not cry, I will smile because we are together now!


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