Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday

Well hello there!

Here I am a week from the first Wonderful Wednesday post, writing the second installment, and finishing off the last of the Sourdough Rolls mentioned in last week's post (a little on the stale side now but no mold) and still I have not put the recipe up! Seriously people, I will get this recipe to you!

Alrighty, it's a beautiful sunny day and I've already been to school and back! Other than missing my stop on the bus and the considerably large amount of work I have to do, everything's GREAT!

Here are a few things to get your mind off whatever worries/stresses/anxieties you're experiencing lately or...
 just to tickle your fancy!

Excuse the slight narcissistic indulgence, but here are my nails! I've never really tried to do anything other than a single colour so I was really excited to try something  new - a jazzed up french manicure.
The base is Pinking of You -OPI
and the tip is The One That Got Away - OPI
Arrr, this here's a true pirate ring with some character, matey!

Disney Couture really knows how to design attractive and unique jewelry honoring Disney films. 
I just think this necklace is SO clever!

How about a little more Disney? Why not? Since the beginning of fall is just around the corner and after recently viewing a video showcasing the Magic Kingdom park in all its festive autumn glory, I thought I'd share this picture (this is apparently the set up from last year so its a little different from the current design)!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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  1. You are the absolute BEST Ms. Riley Rose. Love your little Wednesday "pieces." Keep it up! xoxo


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