Sunday, October 15, 2017

Vegan Eats and Options in Salem, Massachusetts (including THE BEST VEGAN PIZZA EVER!)

Back in August, the Kitchen Grrrls went to Salem, Massachusetts and had a super awesome amazing fun spooky time. We also ate some AMAZING food while in Salem so this post should assure you that there are plenty of vegan options to be had (some mediocre and some AWESOME) in The Witch City. We also recommend taking the Hocus Pocus Tour with Susan and Rich which is definitely the best tour of Salem, MA.

Are you ready for some Salem, MA vegan food pics?! Let's dig in...

Best Vegan Restaurants Salem Massachusetts Flying Saucer Pizza Vegan

First up, this glorious monstrosity is the all vegan BEAST BOY pizza from Flying Saucer Pizza Company at 118 Washington St, Salem, MA 01970, USA. Caitlin (me) hasn't stopped dreaming about this pizza since devouring half of that bad boy in August. Seriously, she dreams of it every night and day and just cried because it looks like it's no longer on the menu though there still are some other vegan options. It's the best pizza she's ever had in her vegan life and maybe life in general. Please, please, please check it out while in Salem. You won't regret it because the cheeze is Teeze and it's really gooey and yummy. And artichokes. Who doesn't love artichokes on pizza!?

Best Vegan Restaurants Salem Massachusetts Flying Saucer Pizza Vegan

Look how big!!!!!!!!! And look at the cool galaxy table!

Best Vegan Restaurants Salem Massachusetts Flying Saucer Pizza Company

Onto something less exciting and delicious....

Best Vegan Restaurants Salem Massachusetts Howling Wolf Taqueria

And now for the mediocre. This was the Veganized Tofu Burrito from Howling Wolf Taqueria at 76 Lafayette St, Salem, MA 01970, USA. You just have to ask that the Tofu Burrito be made vegan but it's not that great. Their salsas are yummy but this burrito was completely bland. Too much rice and really nothing else in there except some under ripe avocado chopped up and maybe like 2 pieces of pepper. Definitely not good but hey, it's better than nothing right?! I demand better for my vegan options especially at a Mexican joint but I struck out with this one. We didn't even take a picture of the other vegan option which was the Vegetable Enchiladas (made vegan, you have to ask) because it was kind of bad. It wasn't a true enchilada and the sauce tasted kind of bad. Very disappointing. 

Best Vegan Restaurants Salem Massachusetts Howling Wolf Taqueria

But, we can't end on a bad note so let's look at this delicious homemade Strawberry Ice Cream from Life Alive at 281 Essex St, Salem, MA 01970, USA. THIS WAS THE BEST ICE CREAM I HAVE EVER HAD. HANDS DOWN. VEGAN OR NOT. So good and then the walnut oat crumble on top just about brought me to tears. This was a seasonal special so I don't know if it's available now but dear god, if you see the ice cream on the menu order it. Hubba hubba. Life Alive is a vegetarian and vegan spot and I think it's the only fully vegetarian place in Salem. The vibe was so 1990s vegan I was digging it. Very earthy, very granola, very cool. It was totally tubular and a new experience for us.

Best Vegan Restaurants Salem Massachusetts Life Alive Ice Cream

Riley had a smoothie called Lust Alive which was deeelish. Get it because it has strawberries and ginger and coconut ice cream. So good! It tasted like apple pie but with strawberries, says Riley.

Best Vegan Restaurants Salem Massachusetts Life Alive Ice Cream Smoothie

And now you can live vicariously through our trip through these pictures. Caitlin really loved it in Salem and wants to go back but she's bummed that Beast Boy might not be on the Flying Saucer Pizza Company menu anymore. SALEM 4EVER.

Salem The House of Seven Gables

The House of Seven Gables in Salem, MA

Salem Mass Salem Witch Museum

Salem Witch Museum in Salem, MA

Essex Street Salem Shops

A hilarious store sign on Essex St. in Salem, MA

Old Burying Point Cemetery Tombstone

Literally the oldest thing I have ever laid eyes on in Old Burying Point Cemetery in Salem, MA

Salem Massachusetts Ropes Mansion Sundial Garden Quote

The quote on the Ropes Mansion Garden Sundial in Salem, MA on Essex St.

Hammond Castle Oceanview Arches

The freaky and weird Hammond Castle in Glouster, MA with a gorgeous view of the ocean from the arches.

Max Dennison's House Salem Ocean Ave


Old Burial Hill Marblehead Salem Massachusets

Another super old and cool headstone at Old Burial Hill in Marblehead, MA

Salem Massachusets Street Art Graffiti

Ain't No Place for Hate in My Town or State street art in Salem, MA on Essex St.

Check out Salem, MA if you can... it's so much more than "The Witch City." Be sure to take that Salem Hocus Pocus Tour with Susan and Rich, it was AWESOME!


  1. That pizza looks amazing! I've been wanting to take a spooky trip to Salem soon!


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