Sunday, February 28, 2016

Vegan Apple and Almond Cake

HELLOOoooo! Is anyone even following Kitchen Grrrls anymore?

Oh my goodness! I haven't posted anything in soooo long; I've missed it! 

Here we have a not-so-seasonally appropriate apple cake. Who cares about seasons anyway? Capitalism and consumerism have all but rendered them moot! 

The fun thing about being away from blogging for so long is that you forget what recipes belong to the tantalizing photos in your drafts.* This cake wasn't the greatest so, I'll save you from finding that out the hard way.

The cake was rather bread-like with very little sweetness. We used a springform pan and, unfortunately, the syrup in the topping poured through the bottom of the pan. Yikes! At least it looks nice :)

Unless I know which recipe belongs to which pictures, I will forgo the recipe component for the next few posts.

Question: does knowing that this cake wasn't all that great taste-wise effect your appreciation of it visually?

*Sarcasm at its finest.

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