Monday, November 17, 2014

Nacho Teese + Helen's Kitchen Veggie Ground Mac and Cheeze

This dish features some fabulous packaged vegan goodies like Teese Vegan Nacho Cheese Sauce and Helen's Kitchen Veggie Ground. 

Initially, when we went to make this mac and cheeze we didn't realize that the nacho cheeze was actually a nacho cheeze SAUCE but that was totally fine, it just meant less work for us. We just boiled some water for pasta and heated up the veggie ground put it all in a casserole dish topped with crushed up sweet potato chips and stuck it in the oven.

I was suuuper impressed by the veggie ground from Helen's Kitchen. Talk about flavourful! And it has the appearance of something homemade with the evidence of real veggies! This isn't strictly soy crumbles and I love that.

You can barely notice the cheese sauce on the noodles because the noodles probably were too large. We only had rigatoni on hand so we made do, but a nice fusili or traditional elbow mac would've been best. The nacho sauce is nice and cheesy and it, surprisingly, has a bit of a kick! 

Mmm there's something so great about mac and cheeze. I was really happy with this one, for sure. The crushed sweet potatoes on top were a nice touch.

This is definitely a no-brainer meal but here are some instructions. 

Mac and Teese with Veggie Ground

1 bag of pasta (elbow, fusilli, etc. is best)
1 tube of Teese Nacho Cheese sauce
1 package of Helen’s Kitchen Veggie Ground
¼ to ½ cup crushed sweet potato chips or breadcrumbs
1 tsp olive oil
1 tsp salt for pasta water

Boil water for your pasta in a large pot. While that’s going on, heat 1 tsp of oil in a medium-sized skillet. Add veggie ground to skillet and keep stirring until heated through. When the water is boiling, add 1 tsp of salt to water followed by pasta.

Take out a large casserole dish. Strain the pasta and once it's strained, place it back in the pot and add the cheese sauce and veggie ground. Give it a good stir and mix about so that the noodles are all covered with sauce and the veggie ground is well dispersed. Put everything that's in the pot into the casserole dish. Top evenly with crushed sweet potato chips, place in the oven at 350°F for 20 mins.  

Yum yum, dig in!

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