Thursday, October 2, 2014

Wegmans Vegan Soy Chorizo and Potato Burrito

Wegmans sells these great little burritos and they're super handy to have on hand. They're organic and vegan! It says right on the package. I was super stoked when I saw these, for sure. We buy a few (at some stores you can buy them by the case) and pop them in the freezer for a relatively easy breakfast. If you do freeze them and would like to eat them for breakfast, I suggest taking one out the night before and placing it in the fridge to defrost. That way it'll take less time to heat through.

I like to put them in the oven so the tortilla gets crispy. The chorizo is nice and flavourful, it's somewhat sweet and a tiny bit spicy. Caitlin finds them a bit dry (that could be because I overcook it in the oven) so she suggests eating them with a salsa. 

Sometimes there's more potato in them than chorizo but all in all I think these are great for a quick meal. And I was so pleased to see a Wegmans-made product that's vegan! You can either find these in the vegan/health food freezer or sometimes in the regular freezer. They also sell vegetarian burritos too. 

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