Thursday, August 21, 2014

Vegan Banana Split Sundaes

Goodness gracious me! How this summer has just flown by!!! Has it also flown for you, too?

We've barely had any time to upload posts to Kitchen Grrrls and I must admit I've been missing it quite a bit!

We made Banana Split Sundaes at the beginning of Summer and I thought it was high time we got the pictures on here before Summer is over!

Gee, I sure do love ice cream when it's dressed to the nines and this sundae definitely was! Crumbled oreos, chopped strawberries, chopped Dandies, sprinkles, and don't forget that split banana! So delish!! I used chocolate So Delicious non-dairy frozen dessert (the soy milk kind).

I like to think of Caitlin's sundae as a modern banana split. It's got that subtle base with added pops of colour. And it's very much about the clean lines. Caitlin touts Tofutti ice cream as the creamiest of the vegan ice creams we've tried, especially the vanilla flavour. I, however, am undecided.

During a recent trip to Wegman's we picked up a Turtle Trails and Mocha Almond Fudge from So Delicious (also the soy milk variety) and they are indeed so delicious!

Possible Toppings:
Oreo/Newman O Crumbles
Seasonal Fresh Fruit - like peaches!!
Chopped Nuts
Sprinkles - multi-coloured or chocolate
Chopped Dandies
Chocolate or Caramel Sauce
Shredded Coconut
Graham Cracker Crumbles
Melted Peanut Butter
anything that makes your heart content!!!

Do you like making sundaes or do you prefer cones? You could always dip the top of the cone in a bowl full of toppings and hope something sticks, haha!

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