Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Kitchen Grrrls' Beet and Sweet Bowl (Beet and Sweet Potato Bowl)

This dish was inspired by my meal at Magnolia Cafe as well as the stuff in our fridge and pantry. I had no idea how it would really turn out but it was scrumptious. 

I don't think we've ever really made our own roasted beets before but it sure is the way to go when it comes to beets! Pair it with some roasted sweet potatoes and you're good to go, just like that! But of course I couldn't just stop there, I had more ingredients to clear out! haha.

We've had this bag of sprouted bean trio for literally (cue Chris Traeger inflection) years. I decided to toss some in to add a little protein and texture. You could throw in some beans or cook up some lentils or go without, if you'd prefer. Either way, the beets and sweet potatoes are the real attraction so as long as those are there nothing else really matters ;)

Because I was really on a mission to clear out the fridge, I made a little coleslaw to go on top. Kinda random but it worked. Gave a little extra crunch. The sauce on top is really great and really heightens the flavour of the dish. This was definitely a satisfying dish both in terms of flavour and satiation.

The Kitchen Grrrls' 
Beet and Sweet Bowl

Olive oil
2 beets, diced ¾ inch pieces
2 large sweet potatoes, diced ¾ inch pieces
2 red bell peppers, diced 
salt, pepper

Nutty Sauce
½ cup cashews, soaked (you can soak these overnight or stick them in a bowl, cover them with boiling water and soak for half an hour to an hour)
½ tsp garlic powder
1 tbsp almond butter
juice of half a lemon
¼ cup nutritional yeast flakes
water to thin (you can use the water you soaked the cashews in)
sprinkle of salt

½ bag of coleslaw
3 heaping tbsp of Veganaise
1 tbsp of lemon juice (or more), preferably fresh
salt, pepper

Preheat oven to 375° F. Generously coat beets and sweet potatoes in olive oil (3 or more tbsps). Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Make sure everything is evenly coated. Place in oven and roast for 40-50 mins Toss ‘em around halfway through cooking. Get the bean trio/lentils cooking if using.

Place all the ingredients for the nutty sauce in a food processor or magic bullet-type device and pulse/blend until smooth.

Place the coleslaw mix in a bowl and coat with Veganaise and lemon juice. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Once everything is ready, layer the components in individual bowls.


  1. I like the idea of coleslaw on top! I'm a big fan of the cabbage crunch.


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