Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sofritas at Chipotle! (Vegan Tofu Burrito Option)

Here's a quick pic we snapped of the Sofritas Burrito at Chipotle. We heard about this a while ago but thought it was being tested only in select locations like California or something but apparently not! It was available in Amherst, NY when we were there in February (?). So I'm assuming it's available in most locations. Very exciting!

It's the same price as the veggie but you get some added protein and flavour. Win Win! The braising liquid that the tofu sits in is quite delicious - sweet and a little smoky. I do find that the tofu is crumbled so small that it gets a little lost but since you're not paying extra for it I'm happy! And like I said, the braising liquid is delish so it gives the burrito a nice flavour. 

BURRITOS FTW! I will never get a bowl at Chipotle. The tortilla is the best part! Just kidding ;)

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