Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Quick Vegan Protein-Packed Pasta Dinner

Let's face it, sometimes making a meal from scratch is somewhat impossible with all the schedule juggling and hectic times that can occur. That's why at those times we resort to a very basic meal that requires very little prep work. With everyone back to their regular busy schedules, an easy meal is a welcome treat.

At busy times you never want to scrimp on nutrients so that's why we make sure to maximize nutrition as much as possible.

Here is our go-to meal...

Pasta with tomato sauce and Italian Soy Crumbles.

It's got lots of protein coming from the whole wheat pasta and soy.

If you're gluten-free by all means substitute the whole wheat for delicious gluten-free variety with a good amount of protein.

The tomato sauce (store-bought) is one of our all-time favourites - White Linen Collection Marinara -  we pick ours up at Costco.

If you'd rather skip the soy you can always add in some beans like Romano or White Kidney sauteed with onions in a pan then tossed in with the sauce and pasta.

Say you have a bit of extra time, broccoli is a great addition.

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