Saturday, July 20, 2013

Potato and Onion Pierogies by Supreme Pierogies

We've loved pierogies for such a looooong time so we've tried quite a few different varieties but it's safe to say we've found our holy grail pierogies. 

A lot of pierogies have cheese in them but Supreme Pierogies offers many flavours without. Our favourite flavour is Potato and Onion.

We first tried Supreme Pierogies under the name J.J. Wilks at Costco. They have this travelling roadshow type thing where different products are available in store for a short period of time and that's how we first got acquainted with them.

This little dealio can be a little frustrating sometimes because they aren't always available.

Luckily we found out through visiting their website that Supreme Pierogies has a retail store that is open to the public. Yay!

They sell a variety of pierogies there even flavours that aren't available at Costco such as Blueberry and Strawberry. And I think they're a little cheaper than the price at Costco.

We like to boil our pierogies first and then fry em up in the frying pan with a little margarine in order to give them a crisp exterior. While the pierogies boil we brown some onion in the pan for added goodness. 

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