Sunday, June 2, 2013

Butter Chicken Roti on College

Yeah, we ate it in the car 'cause that's how we roll. Get it?

Butter Chicken Roti recently opened on College St. near Bathurst (in Toronto). We were eager to try it as they touted having vegan options. It is positively delicious. 

This is the Mixed Vegetable which comes with cauliflower, peas, and potatoes. I recently discovered that this is not a vegan option and the only vegan roti is the Chana Masala. When I ordered the Mixed Veg I did ask if it was vegan and got a "yes" so I'm confused. Haha, does anyone know the truth?

This roti is serious! You lift that box and it is heavy. There's no messing around this is for hungry people.

The flavour is great and the vegetables are fresh. The roti itself is light and chewy.

I loved this. 

There are plenty of options for vegheads (vegan and vegetarian) and carnivores.

It most definitely must be eaten with a fork and knife (they provide biodegradable ones!) but when you get to the end you can pick it up and hold it between your fingers as you devour the last bite.

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  1. omnomnom!!!
    but that's such a big amount of food! oh my, it's definitely for very hungry people :-)

    1. Yes it definitely is! If you're not so hungry, it will make for two meals haha


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