Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday

First off, just want to say how much I am enjoying these above normal temperatures! I'm not one to paint Canada as a blustery, snow laden country but 13, 14, even 16 degree weather in NOVEMBER that's pretty awesome!

Another thing that's awesome? uh... how about the fact that after getting a bum iPhone 4S I took my problem phone into the Apple store to see what the heck was up with it and got a completely NEW phone this morning to replace it!! Hello?? Blow me over and pick me back up! Definitely was not expecting that! But it's Wonderful Wednesday why shouldn't I have? haha.

And now let it begin,

I REALLY wish I knew how to knit this sweater! It would be utterly wonderful to have!!

I love the edgy vibe of this ring!
A little creepy but with an  the inscription like "believe in yourself" you know it's all  innocent ;)
Loving this album lately! There are so many inspirational, feel good songs on it. It's hard not to feel empowered when giving it a listen.

I know the temps we've been experiencing are hardly warm enough for bathing suits but I can't help wishing I owned this right now. The style is so flattering...they had it going on in the fashion department back in the day for sure. No frontal or back wedgies. LOL.
Oh my this show is so good and suspenseful!!  And hello?! Sarah Michelle Gellar? Can't get much  better than that, honestly. I hope you tune in to watch it - seriously you'll definitely get your intensity kicks here!

Happy Wednesday!
one, two, three, four, five

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