Saturday, October 1, 2011

Supeer Saturday - Special Edition

since I missed Wonderful Wednesday I thought I would try my hand at a Super Saturday..and here it goes!

I'd like to dedicate this Special Edition Super Saturday to a little place i like to call Magic Kingdom in a certain Walt Disney World, Florida.

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the Magic HAPPY 40TH!

With the chilly, breezy weather that has blown in over night I am really wishing I could be there to celebrate the occasion in person!

Here are a few things I'd like:

super cool commemorative ceramic cups!

a super cute special edition vase

super colourful and sweet 40th anniversary plates. 

and here are a few things i'd like to person....right now:

Awww nothing beats rollin' through this toll booth early in the morning!

 40 years old as well...looking good! 999 Happy Haunts ready to celebrate...and waiting for one more!

probably one of my favourite parts of the ride! i still get scared!

Yeeehaaw! the wildest ride in the west!
"Arrgh I think me spots a celebration hap'nin"

and here's a little something i know caitlin would love!

 the home of space mountain and the tomorrowland transit authority...what's not to love?!

the famous ride itself! 
"paging mr. morrow, mr. tom morrow!"

Hope you have a SUPER SATURDAY!

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